The MSIDBT Program Profile

Students in USC’s online Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology (MSIDBT) represent a wide range of career experience — 22 percent with seven-plus years in their industries — and diverse backgrounds. MSIDBT students build lifelong connections with one another, bringing valuable perspectives to the table and fueling innovation through design, technology and entrepreneurship.      

Class Overview

The graph above shows the gender breakdown of students taken from data gathered from January 2019 – August 2021. The breakdown is shown to be 60% female, 38% male, 2% other.

The graph above shows the percentage breakdown of student nationalities in the MSIDBT program from January 2019 – August 2021. The breakdown is shown to be 1% Arab/Arab American, 4% Asian Indian/Indian American/Pakistani American, 10% Asian/Asian American, 10% Black/African American, 5% Chinese/Chinese American, 5% Filipino/Filipina/Filipino American, 4% Korean/Korean American, 6% Mexican/Mexican American/Chicano/Chicana, 1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 1% South American, 2% Spanish American/Hispanic/Latino/Latina, 2% Vietnamese/Vietnamese American, 38% White/Caucasian, 11% other/declined to state.

“If you’re in this structured learning environment with mentorship and guidance, then you have this space to experiment, and it’s a safe place where you can explore and incubate your ideas.”

–   Kylee Pena, MSIDBT student

Work Alongside Agile Leaders Focused on Global Connectivity

Many MSIDBT students enter their cohorts as accomplished professionals, while others may have recently completed their undergraduate degrees. This career-level diversity allows for multifaceted connections with peers who may help broaden your perspective, brainstorm creative solutions and be a sounding board for your ideas.

“It is your experience. Take full advantage of it and be intentional, experiencing it in a way that will make you comfortable with the story you’re taking away from it. There is a great community waiting to welcome you in the wings.”

–   Inge Lindholm, MSIDBT program graduate


Average Class Size


Students Graduated in 5-6 Terms


Average Age of Currently Enrolled Students


Average Months to Complete

Reported Student Outcomes

While many MSIDBT students work in business, design, technology or related industries, the opportunities are applicable across a wide range of industries. Below are examples of possible outcomes reported by program graduates (although your experience may vary).

  • Awarded new job responsibilities or promotions
  • Received increased wages
  • Entered new career field or industry
  • Gained valuable knowledge, skills and personal/professional growth
  • Expanded network potential
  • Increased credibility among colleagues or industry professionals

Lead, Manage and Create with a
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