An Online Program
Built on Collaboration
and Engagement

Throughout the program, students collaborate and connect through the program’s virtual campus. Students use this interactive hub to attend classes, complete coursework and meet with classmates and professors. Students also attend multi-day in-person residencies to collaborate with and meet their peers around the world.

Online Campus

The online campus is the central portal for students. Accessible on desktop or as a mobile app, the online campus connects students to classes, coursework, peers and professors. Students log on to attend classes, complete assignments or meet with classmates in real time. Students have 24-hour access to their personal virtual classroom, so they can meet for team work, study sessions or just to hang out and catch up.

Students can also use the online campus to build their personal and professional network. They can join or create student groups as well as make connections with other students outside of their own classes.

Live Classes

Each week, students complete video coursework and other assignments to prepare for live, online class sessions. These classes aren’t lectures, but discussions where students share and exchange ideas. Students log in to the classroom through the online campus and attend via webcam.

The goal of each live class is spontaneous, directed discussion and critique that allows students to consider new concepts and perspectives. Through these sessions, they will build their own understanding of how design, technology and business can come together to create opportunities and generate new ideas.

LinkedIn Premium

Through USC MS-IDBT, you will receive access to LinkedIn Premium Career, which allows you to gain insight into who’s viewed your profile and how they found you, giving you the opportunity to strengthen your professional network. You will be able to directly message prospective hiring managers, helping you keep your name and resume top of mind.

LinkedIn Premium Career also helps you grow in your current role through LinkedIn Learning, a library of short videos and courses that provides you with the resources to sharpen your professional skills.

Expert Faculty

The curriculum is designed and delivered by faculty from across USC, including faculty from the schools of design, engineering, business and communication. Together, they are a cross-disciplinary team dedicated to helping students advance and succeed. Professors are available to students through the online campus, and students can meet with professors one-on-one in the virtual campus to discuss work or ideas. USC faculty guide students through the program, acting as mentors and guides to graduation and beyond.


Students apply concepts they learn through coursework, projects and research at two in-person residencies. At each residency students come together with classmates and professors to explore new concepts, generate and critique work, and solve complex problems. In cross-disciplinary teams, students collect data and conduct research to tackle a unique challenge.

During the first residency, students work at the Academy’s Garage, a dynamic, state-of-the-art workspace that fosters creativity, fine-tunes skills and encourages creative collaboration. The Garage has networking spaces and maker and fabrication studios that include 3D scanning and printing capabilities. Students work closely with faculty and leading industry mentors to envision ideas, build prototypes and see their ideas come to life.

Students also have the chance to spend time socially with classmates and professors at dinners, informal get-togethers and outings.