Professional Practices Residential

(2 units)

The Professional Practices Residential is the second residency experience, which can be taken after the student’s second term.

Students work in teams to develop solutions to a significant real-world problem. Teams research and collect qualitative and quantitative data; analyze findings; formulate and select a proposed solution; and create a formal presentation utilizing acquired skills and techniques. The real-world issue may be developed in partnership with a business or not-for-profit venture.

The residential represents, in part, a cumulation and test of concepts learned in core courses and applied in integrative labs. It will help prepare students for their capstone work in the program’s final term.

Course Overview

  • Five-day residency experience partnered with a company or other organization
    • Cities where we’ve had them:
      • Orange County
      • Boston
      • Dallas
      • Los Angeles
      • San Francisco
    • Organizations we’ve partnered with:
      • Pacific Life
      • American Heart Association
      • Los Angeles International Airport
      • Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
      • IDEO U
      • Two Bit Circus
  • Goal is to visit different organizations, businesses or cultural venues
  • Applied and intensive workshop for a real-world product, service or organizational problem
  • Experts will provide mentorship and feedback during this course
  • Estimated cost is $625 (does not include travel or accommodation) in addition to the standard tuition rate
  • Attendance is mandatory
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