Processes and Perspectives

(4 units)

Gain fluency in approaches and methodologies in design, business and technology-based disciplines, focusing on critical analysis and problem-solving.

Students will consider problems from the perspective of designers, engineers and business leaders. Working individually and in small groups, students will learn how to challenge accepted boundaries. In analyzing and developing approaches to solving problems, students will learn how to ideate, select among potential approaches to solve a problem, plan an implementation and evaluate outcomes.

Techniques learned in this course will be applied in the first on-campus residential and will provide a foundation of knowledge that will be developed in subsequent core courses and the integrative labs.

Course Overview

  • Collaborate and build upon existing skills and challenge weaknesses
  • Understand cross-disciplinary approach for the creation and implementation of products, services, projects, systems, etc.
  • Develop skills along the seven stages of the design process from ideation to execution
  • Adopt different perspectives and seek creative and integrative solutions
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