Opportunity and Uncertainty

(4 units)

Develop the ability to analyze and vet opportunities as they arise in the workplace and studio or creative contexts and acquire the information central to discerning desirability, feasibility and viability of proposed projects, products, systems, services and/or experiences.

Students will learn and apply practices from successful entrepreneurs, design and arts-based endeavors, critical thinking methods, ethnography and systems theory. Students will learn to identify and explain how a problem may represent an opportunity and will create and implement a research plan.

Course Overview

  • Explore micro/macro, tacit/explicit opportunities when problems are presented
  • Identify opportunities worth pursuing or problems worthy of analysis
  • Develop multiple/initial prospective solution(s) that warrant longer-term iteration
  • Discover desirability, feasibility and viability of opportunities
  • Develop research techniques for further understanding a problem
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