Narrative and Storytelling

(4 units)

Learn how to build and communicate ideas, concepts and solutions using universal storytelling techniques.

Students will explore visual, written and oral approaches to developing stories, examining how narratives have been constructed for different audiences and purposes. Students will learn how communication theory and narrative structures can be used to evoke powerful and meaningful audience responses.

Students will learn how to construct a compelling narrative taking into account user viewpoints and cultural perspectives; to differentiate between story types, form, context and content; and create narratives for different organizational contexts (e.g., a startup versus a larger company setting). Students will develop and present creative and technical briefs.

Course Overview

  • Learn to share one’s creative visions with stakeholders in a way that will resonate with them
  • Develop stories based on your audience
  • Practice individual presentation skills using the concepts taught in this class
  • Experiment with different mediums for storytelling and deciding which of those mediums is appropriate for your audience
  • Understand communication theory and the narrative structures and content most effective at evoking powerful and meaningful audience responses
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