How Can This Degree Advance Your Career as a Technology Professional?

In today’s world, pure programming skills and experience are not enough to advance your career—particularly at startups, where the whole team works together across disciplines to launch a successful end product. Soft skills to enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate with your team are essential to your ability to thrive in the digital ecosystem.

Our curriculum offers is an interdisciplinary program that nurtures creative problem-solving and teaches you how to apply design-based thinking to the most technical problems.

Become a Technologist Who Can Strategize Across Disciplines

Our program will equip you with cross-disciplinary knowledge, techniques and methodologies to communicate and work in cross-functional teams and to position your work within the context of your organization’s business goals and strategy.

Processes and Perspectives will teach you to broaden your perspective beyond the confines of just the tech field and equip you to drive strategy and solve problems more effectively.

Decisions and Solutions will teach you to make decisions using a variety of methods, including human-centered research and analysis, heuristics and biases, probability, and other risk assessments.

Our Business “Essentials” and Design “Essentials” courses can help you build fundamental knowledge and understanding of these two fields to inform your decision-making. The Technology “Essentials” course can help broaden your perspective on your own field.

“The complexity involved in designing today’s technology platforms requires deep expertise in a wide array of areas. This is causing a historic wave of collaboration across different industries.”

Paul Sallomi
Vice Chairman at Deloitte

Build Skills to Advance a Variety of Technology Careers

This degree can help you enrich or transform your career across a variety of technology professions. Students entering our program tend to come from the following fields:

  • Applications development
  • Programmer
  • Software development
  • Sound engineering
  • Systems design
  • Systems engineering
  • User interface design
  • Website development

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