How Can This Degree Advance Your Career as a Business Leader?

The most successful companies — those that launch ideas that truly disrupt an industry — are aligned on values, goals and strategy from developer to CEO. Everyone works in tandem, and employees communicate and draw inspiration across fields and departments.

As a business leader, it’s up to you to develop and communicate your organization’s goals and values — and to inspire cross-disciplinary collaboration. 

This program will help you gain the perspective and understanding to harness differences across teams, “connect the dots” between them, and cultivate a network and culture that inspires innovation and continuous improvement.

Re-Shape Your Business Thinking

This program will equip you with the mental framework to discover opportunity and possibility in diverse areas. You will learn to cross-pollinate ideas to spark innovative growth for your organization. 

Processes and Perspectives will teach you to consider problems from the perspective of designers and engineers and will challenge your pre-conceived notions of the boundaries between those professions and your role as a business leader. 

Opportunity and Uncertainty will equip you with new ways to identify and frame problems and, in turn, enhance your ability to recognize and evaluate new opportunities.

Narrative and Storytelling will prepare you to persuasively communicate concepts so they tell your story and draw in your audience, regardless of the subject matter.

You will also choose two “Essentials” courses, in which you’ll be able to learn more about a new field (design or technology) or gain exposure to a wider range of perspectives in your own field.

“The best leaders of diverse teams can speak the multiple ‘languages’ of their teammates, based on their own experience and learning.”

Brian Uzzi
Academic Director, Strategy of Leadership, Northwestern University

Build Skills to Advance a Variety of Business Careers

This degree can help you enrich or transform your career across a variety of business professions. Students entering our program tend to come from the following fields:

  • Business analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Product design
  • Product innovation
  • Product marketing
  • Product management
  • Social media management

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